Angel Axolotl

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Embark on a dreamy adventure with the Angel Axolotl Tsumettows pillow! Ssix adorable axolotl buddies are snuggled into your pillow, making bedtime a soft and magical escape. Get ready for the coziest sleep ever, where each night becomes a cute journey into the world of fluffy axolotl dreams!

A place to rest your head and full of soft friends, Tsumettow® is the original Stuffed Animal Pillow!

🧸About 13 x 18 Inches

🧸Comes with 6 stuffed animals!

🧸Made from Plush and High Quality Cotton

🧸Exclusive; Not Sold Anywhere else

🧸Relaxing to play with or sleep on

🧸Machine Washable (Air Dry Only)