The Cutest Pillows!

Cute Pillows, Cuter Plushies!

Why buy 1 stuffed animal when you can get 8?

Tsumettows come with up to 8 stuffed animals that you can play and nap with! With cute and unique faces, your Tsumettow will stand out from boring stuffed animals!

Tsumeta (stuffed) + Pillow = TSUMETTOWS®

The original Japanese-Inspired Stuffed Animal Pillows are finally making their American Debut!

Buy Four 8-Pack Pillows, Get 15% off Automatically!

When you buy any four 8-pack pillows, 15% will be deducted from your total order! Combined with free shipping, you'll be set with four awesomely cute pillows!

Super Large, Perfect For Naps!

At nearly 2 feet long and over a foot wide, Tsumettow 8 Pack Pillows are the perfect place to take a nap! The pillow comes pre-stuffed, so you can sleep without the plushies inside too!

Read Our Customer's Reviews!

Good bye, Pillow Pets, HELLO TSUMETTOWS!

So happy my friend recommended these to me. These are just the most adorable thing! Even my husband loves them!


My Kids Love Them, and So do I!

I got the first one for my daughter, but when I held it in my arms, I just had to get my own! So adorable!



I can't get enough of mine. Awesome nap companion (and super fun to throw the plushies at my boyfriend)!


Every Tsumettow is 'stuffed' with cute plush animals to keep you company when you're sleeping or on the go!

A place to rest your head and full of soft friends, Tsumettow® is the original Stuffed Animal Pillow!