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Look at these cute bunnies, dinos, and- ...wait a sec. Those are all hamsters! In what is probably our cutest Tsumettow to date, these hamsters are all wearing hoodies of their own favorite plushies! There are five hamsters inside, and one of them is WAYYY bigger than the rest! Best of all, you can remove their hoodies to reveal their cute hamster ears!

The Pink Tsumettow comes with an extra large Bunny Hoodie Hamster, while the Yellowone comes with an extra large Dino Hoodie Hamster. The smaller ones are a random surprise, making each Tsumettow unique! Best of all, it's just as big as the rest of our 8-Pack Pillows!

A place to rest your head and full of soft friends, Tsumettow® is the original Stuffed Animal Pillow!

🧸About 13 x 18 Inches

🧸Comes with 5 stuffed animals, with one nearly twice as large as the rest!

🧸Made from Plush and High Quality Cotton

🧸Exclusive; Not Sold Anywhere else

🧸Relaxing to play with or sleep on

🧸Machine Washable (Air Dry Only)

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